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Elusive Texture

ZEV grip module stippling service

ZEV grip module stippling service

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Stippling package for customer supplied ZEV grip module. Only available on a fresh and unstippled ZEV module in all color-ways. Must separate the grip module and fire control group (serialized item) and ship the grip module only. Please read all options and descriptions below and contact us with questions before placing an order. 

See the bottom of the FAQ page for pictures of each texture!

Standard package includes a full grip reduction and new borders cut to blend the front and rear straps into the the side panels. The grip hump on the front strap is reduced and blended for a uniform finish on the front strap. Index points are stippled to match. Can choose to retain the zev logos or remove them. Bottom borders are cut to match the ZEV magwell allowing the texture to blend into the magwell while retaining the ability to run the module without a magwell. *If choosing the standard package please include your magwell with the grip module when sending it in so that the bottom borders can be blended into the magwell. 


Factory borders- This option will retain the factory border layout. The factory texture will be removed and re-stippled with your choice of texture only in the areas within the original factory borders. 

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