Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Information; 

Please ship the grip or grip module only (no serialized items) to the address below using USPS. You can leave the small parts installed in the grip and they will be reinstalled before shipping back to you. We recommend a small flat rate box with insurance for $250. If you want to use a different carrier please email us after completing your order. Please print your order summary and include it in the box with the grip so we can ID the owner of the grip and which options you chose. 

Elusive Texture LLC

PO Box 77014

Fort Worth, TX 76177 


What does each stippling texture look like? 

-Please scroll to the bottom of this page for examples of each texture. There are high quality examples of each texture in each of the product pictures as well. 


What does the grip stippling process entail, what can i expect? 

-After placing your order you will be required to separate your grip from the serialized item (lower frame on a 2011, or the fire control group on a ZEV/SIG) and send in the grip assembly only. We cannot accept serialized items at this time. We recommend packaging the grip sufficiently with bubble wrap/packing paper and shipping in a small flat rate box via USPS

Once we receive your grip we will visually inspect it for any noticeable damage and then contact you to confirm receipt, provide a more accurate lead time, and discuss any damage if applicable on the grip before work is started. 

We will then add the grip into the queue, complete the work as requested, and then clean and perform a final inspection before packaging it up and shipping back to you. Tracking info will be provided when the grip ships. 


Do you offer discounts for MIL, LE, or First Responders? 

Yes, since the inception of Elusive Texture LLC we have offered a 10% discount for all Military, Law Enforcement, and First responder customers as a small thank you for all that you have done, and do for our Country and Community. If this applies to you please send us an email so we can provide a discount code to be applied at checkout to take advantage of this discount. 


I want the most grip reduction possible, how much do you reduce the grip?

-While we do have measurements available comparing a factory grip and one of our grips after work is completed, we do not typically share this information as a selling point since everyone measures the grips differently, and because it is nearly impossible to conceptualize a difference before feeling a completed grip. For example if we say its a .050" difference there is no way to determine what that will feel like in your hand. On a standard grip reduction we reduce the grip as much as possible from the start without compromising the grips structural integrity. If you want the most amount of grip reduction possible through one of our packages we recommend the wrap around rear border option along with your choice of other options. 


Do you have recommendations for grip reductions based on glove size?

-Yes, we much prefer making recommendations based on the customers glove size as we believe not everyone requires the smallest grip possible. It is our belief that if you have larger hands then there comes a point to where the smaller the grip, the less room your support hand has to make contact with the grip causing a compromised grip position. For example, if you are a size XL glove and order the wrap around rear border option allowing the smallest Gen2 grip possible, then your strong hand will overcrowd the grip preventing your support hand from making as much contact with the grip itself. 

-If you wear a size L or up glove, then we recommend keeping the rear borders factory. If you wear smaller than a size L glove then we recommend the wrap around rear border option as this allows more of a grip reduction from the backside of the grip. Many of our past customers that wear glove sizes M or S prefer the wrap around rear borders with a short or extra short aftermarket trigger. 


Examples of each texture; 

Cyclone texture 


Prickly Pear Texture 

Chainmail Texture 


Razorwire Texture