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Elusive Texture

Staccato CS grip stippling package

Staccato CS grip stippling package

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Stippling package for customer supplied Staccato CS grips. Must separate the grip and lower frame (serialized item) and ship the grip assembly only. Please read all options and descriptions below and contact us with questions before placing an order.

See the bottom of the FAQ page for pictures of each texture!

Factory borders- This option will retain the factory border outline. This is the standard package which includes a full grip reduction, reshaping and blending the corners of the front strap, deep recessed borders, and your choice of logos and texture/finish. We also cut a new border at the base of the front strap to maintain a crisp parallel border across the entire magwell area.    

Mod-L Front borders- This is our front strap border option which includes cutting new borders and blending the finger pad area on the front of the grip. This will allow your strong hand middle finger to be in full contact with textured surface area; greatly increasing control and feel. 

Logos option- When choosing to keep the Star logo, we will take meticulous care to ensure the condition of the logos remain the same as when received. We will cut and emboss new borders around the star logo and then stipple around the logo to maintain that clean factory look. If you choose to remove the star logo this will allow us to sand that area flush to the grip and blend it like it was never there in the first place. 

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